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In the building design of Atlyn, the practice aimed at timelessness; practical simplicity and a harmonious connection with the centre’s context. This design philosophy creates a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere for the user who spends most of the day in stressful and congested surroundings.

The centre employs a courtyard building type, accommodating parking, walkways, vegetation and outside seating areas in the middle. The dual function of this building type is to create a safe, internal environment for young and old, as well as to provide a shopping experience in a natural environment, much more preferable than the enclosed “mall” environment so often seen in cities of South Africa

The unique character of Atlyn stems from the fact that it feeds off the beautiful climate of South Africa to improve the experience of the centre.

Atlyn’s design was carefully considered to retain the fresh air and natural sunlight filtering through every shop and public space.. Clear and Smokey Polycarbonate sheeting cover the walkways, allowing the sun to filter through while covering up for rainy days. The sophisticated louvering system allows natural cross-ventilation while removing hot air through the stack effect, eliminating the need for air-conditioners.

Market research done by Urban Studies showed that 60% of users visit the centre weekly, while 89% make a trip to Atlyn more than once a month. The average dwell time of all shoppers showed to be 102 minutes, creating the opportunity to provide facilities to enhance the dwelling experience when visiting Atlyn.

Emphasis was put on upgrading the external milling spaces by focusing on the user’s need when dwelling in the centre. Wider, covered walkways, benches, trees and various other street furniture was incorporated with external eating areas in front of existing shopfronts to create a desirable atmosphere. The reflective surfaces of the porcelain tiles and aluminium edging throughout Atlyn is worth a mention as it instils a sense of quality and sophistication not often seen in townships such as Atteridgeville. The humane scale of the buildings and visually pleasing finishes makes a trip to Atlyn a pleasure for visitors and staff of the centre.

The needs of the Atlyn shoppers have been addressed fully up to the last detail, which is the provision of a safe children’s play area as part of the Food Court. Atlyn is approachable by all modes of public transport, ample parking for privately owned vehicles and a safe commuting environment for all pedestrians. People are sitting outside, meandering through shops and pausing in the walkways to chat and window shop.

Driving down Maunde street (currently under construction to be made wider) and turning left into Khoza street, one is slapped in the face with the amalgamation of traditional township habits merging with the urbane culture of today’s working class, making the upgrade of Atlyn and the Mnandi Shopping Centre form part of the emerging culture – an all-inclusive, rural sophistication in the heart of Pretoria.

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